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What is Bioenergetic, Body-centered Psychotherapy?


Bioenergetic, body-centered psychotherapy was developed by Alexander Lowen, MD in the mid 20th century, and adds direct work with the body through movements and ways of unblocking restrictions, to traditional psychotherapy.

As a body-centered psychotherapist my work includes observing and working with functional and holding patterns in the body, while listening to the words spoken during the therapeutic session.  The work addresses how we each have developed characteristic ways of holding our bodies and behaving in the world in order to get our needs met.

I assist in developing awareness of these patterns and blocks, and help work through them in a safe, respectful therapeutic relationship. Some of the ways include fundamental grounding of the body which decreases anxiety, increases a sense of self assertion and a sense of being grounded in reality.

I work with the breath to open up blocks to breathing and feeling, and to deepen respiration.  This may release strong feelings as holding patterns begin to soften.  I coach body movements to assist in remaining grounded while softening the body, having fuller expression of feelings, and a fuller experience and expression of your life.

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