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What is Myofascial Release Treatment?



Myofascial Release Treatment addresses chronic pain and restrictions in the body.  "MFR" facilitates movement and ease through hands on, low pressure over time which allows tissue  release and emotional expression.  John Barnes, PT, MT developed this cutting edge treatment.


  • decreased stress and tension     
  • improved posture, with greater flexibility and ease of movement
  • reduced pain and tightness, with increase body awareness
  • improved daily functioning
  • treatment for back and neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, TMJ issues, headaches...

The MYOFASCIA is a three dimensional web of tough connective tissue that runs from the tops of our heads to the soles of our feet.  It provides structure and support to all parts of the body, and surrounds and infuses every tissue in the body.  It acts as a shock absorber, allowing the body to withstand many forces.

MYOFASCIAL RESTRICTIONS develop when the body is inflamed or traumatized.  The fascia dehydrates and solidifies when injured, and then exerts significant tension on pain sensitive structures, sometimes leading to numbing of the body.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE is a treatment that addresses this pain and numbing through:

POSTURAL ANALYSIS of the client in standing and walking, noting twists and uneveness...

TOUCH ANALYSIS locating and treating tender, stiff, or inflamed areas of the body...

REBOUNDING rocking the body at various tempos to engage its fluid dynamics in releasing restrictions. We are 70% fluid!

UNWINDINGspontaneous movement and emotional expression that release subconscious bracing patterns that developed in response to injury or trauma.     

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